The weekend escape

I’ve been a city dweller for a number of years now. Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris. Places where there is never-ending fun and excitement. Where there is always something new to see, do or explore. Where there is constant hustle and bustle. An endless buzz of traffic and people. City life is a feast for the senses. It’s hypnotic. It’s addictive.

But it’s also tiring. The constant activity, noise and pollution can wear you down. Sometimes the city gets to you, pushes you out of balance somehow.

Enter the weekend escape. Not to another city where you swap one buzz for another, but to a village, a forest or a farm. Somewhere where the noise stops. The rhythm slows. The stress slides away and tranquility takes over.

A drive through the golden stubble of harvested fields…

Golden stubble

A stroll around beautiful lake…

Peaceful lake

A visit to the local castle…

Chateau de Bourron

A deckchair to kick back in…


And a delicious BBQ…


That’s what a weekend break to the French countryside, just an hour from Paris, looks like. Throw in great company from our amazing hosts and you get, well, pretty much the perfect weekend escape!

From the moment I arrived to the minute I left, my body breathed one long sigh of relief. It thanked me for taking the time to find it some calm. So if you’re a city dweller, try it some time. You might find your body would welcome a break from the city too.


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