The joys of sightseeing by night

When travelling, there are many who go sightseeing by day, checking out all the monuments in their cities of choice, then see only the inside of a restaurant, bar, pub or their hotel in the evening. Granted, there is often a lot of fun to be had in bars in far-flung lands. But I couldn’t disagree more with the idea that a city’s night-time charm lies uniquely in its night life.

I am fascinated by the spellbinding transformation that occurs post-sunset. The dirt and grime of highly populated cities melts away, and a land of lights and reflections takes over. Famous landmarks metamorphose before your very eyes as hundred or even thousands of years of history combine with modern illumination technologies.

Even though there is an endless stream of tourists wandering round Europe packing a digital-SLR punch and increasingly accessible methods of sharing of photographic work on the internet, it remains difficult to truly capture the essence of cities at night. Enter Nightvision, a film composed of still photographs taken by Luke Shepherd. Armed with cameras and a 3-month Eurail pass, he has successfully created a work that reflects the ambiance of magic that descends on Europe every night, transforming its cities into enchanted, wondrous places.

I have seen the majority of the monuments in this film both by day and by night. And I have to say… if you haven’t seen them by night then you’ve really missed something. But don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself…

If that doesn’t inspire you to get out of the bar and walking around town… well… nothing will!

* Video & image courtesy of


2 thoughts on “The joys of sightseeing by night

  1. Totally agree. We are missing out on the magical transformation of a city if we do not see it by night. Thanks for sharing the video night vision by Luke Shepherd, absolutely beautiful!!

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