Drinking on a school night: is it worth it?

Your mates or colleagues are dying for a catch up over a gin and tonic, but it’s a school night, and you have work or class the next day.  Worst of all, you know that one drink will lead to ten and a late night lamb sandwich.  Is it worth it?

TheRationalOptimist thinks not:

I am not a spring chicken anymore. Let’s face it, at the age of 33, my hard core drinking years are well behind me.

In my university years and my early to mid-twenties, heading out on the town on a school night was a fairly regular occurrence. Full of youthful energy and exuberance, it was not a problem at all to back up the next day for class or work, bright as a button, and the events and memories of last night became the source of gleeful reminiscing for the days ahead.

When one is on the wrong side of thirty, gleeful reminiscing doesn’t happen. What is more likely is that a plan for a few quiet drinks will turn into days of regret. You’d think that increasing booze consumption means training your liver into peak condition, but unfortunately it’s not the case. A school night out mostly results in a dreadful hangover, potentially comprising of a splitting headache, croaky throat (especially if karaoke is involved), extreme tiredness, lack of focus, and selective memory loss. Trying to study or work under these conditions is as challenging as acting sober after two bottles of wine.

At best, the outcome of all this is that your mates or colleagues will want you to regale them with entertaining stories of your night (which may mean that they want to live vicariously through you, or they just find your alcoholic antics entertaining). At worst, you can’t deliver a coherent presentation to the managing director, or perhaps you just sleep through the whole thing.

The reality is probably somewhere in between – you are completely unproductive (which means that your work just keeps piling up), you’re mentally absent from your meetings, and your colleagues don’t think that you’re serious about your job. On top of this, you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus but you need to pretend you’re interested in working, when all you want to do is haul yourself back to bed and draw the blinds.

Oh, and you vow never to drink on a school night ever again.

jaeger bombs

PerfectlyRandom thinks so:

There are SO many good reasons for drinking on a school night that I dare not even present my argument in paragraphs for fear of exceeding our targeted word limit.  Thus, I present you with my bullet point overview of just some of the reasons why mid week indulgences are totally worth it:

  • Bars and clubs are less busy, which means less fighting for the bartenders attentions and more thirst quenching action
  • It’s usually spontaneous (since no one is their right mind actually plans to end up smashed on a work night) which means no pressure or expectations, which in turn means awesomely unexpected fun
  • Spontaneity = randomness, which means experiencing different cultures (read: that drag club you walk by each day on the way to the office)
  • People aren’t usually out to get laid, so there’s less chance of getting hit on, and more time to relax
  • Almost everywhere has earlier closing hours which means being in bed by midnight is a very real possibility
  • Taxis are in ample supply (unlike at 3am on a Sunday morning when the only thing in ample supply are Macca’s cheeseburgers)

And just in case the above hasn’t quite convinced you yet, let me present you with the key reason, in direct opposition to TheRationalOptimist’s argument up above: you won’t waste your weekend hungover. That’s right. Where on the weekend you may be tempted to sluggishly relocate from bed to languishing sorrowfully on the couch watching reruns of Geordie Shore, on a workday that isn’t an option. You won’t get to 5pm and curse yourself for not having achieved anything other than ordering pizza. In fact, you’ll self high-five for managing to stay awake at your desk all day.

Well, most of it, anyway.


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