5 things you should know about Liverpool, England

There’s only so much you can see and do in a new city in 30 hours, so maybe this post should actually be entitled “5 things you should know about Liverpool if you haven’t got the time to discover even more of this amazingly cool city” – but frankly, it was a little wordy.

If you’re after a laid back city, with lots of places to discover, a great night out, and some excellent shopping right in the heart of town, then Liverpool is the place for you. I kind of wish I was having a hens party again just so I could go back.

Here’s 5 little tips if you’re planning on visiting 2008’s capital of culture:

1. Sleep easy at base2stay

You’ll find clean and comfy rooms right in the heart of the city at base2stay. We could not have picked a more convenient hotel – close enough to walk everywhere we wanted to go, and right in the thick of the nightlife, this little gem of a hotel was perfect for a weekend jaunt. And fear not! Double glazing means you can stumble home at night but not hear any of the revellers continuing on outside. Perfect.

2. Start your day with a hot cup of tea at Leaf

As they say: where’s there tea, there’s hope. Grab a cuppa from Leaf’s wide range of teas and some breakfast or cake while you’re at it. It’s super casual, kitschy cool, and the vibe is chilled. You’ll be warm in no time.

2013-09-08 11.10.31

3. Sip cocktails at Berry & Rye

Along Berry Street you’ll wander, scratching your head as you look at what seems to be a closed, unmarked number 48 with a light tinker of laughter and low voices just emanating from within. Hesitantly pushing open the blacked out door you’ll find yourself back in the days of prohibition – albeit with far better cocktails. Settle into a warm, dark room, and peruse the cocktail list hidden within a book. Of course if you can’t be fussed reading, just tell the helpful staff what you feel like, and they’ll be ready with a suggestion or two. They won’t let you down.

4. Party the night away at Alma de Cuba

Unassuming from the outside, you’ll step inside a former Catholic church to a gloriously Vegas style bar. Huge ceilings, scantily clad samba-ing podium dancers, and good old commercial pop and dance music without any pretention. The nicest bit? Any age, shape or footwear seems to be welcome. No cover charge (indeed, no cover charge anywhere in Liverpool it would seem on a Saturday night) and no strict door policy. Equality to all!

2013-09-07 23.31.54

5. Ward off that hangover at Almost Famous

If you can find it, you’ll have earned it. Burgers, wings, fries, oh so many types of fries. If you can handle a triple patty, opt for the Kids in America burger – mind blowing. There’s a host of other options from pulled pork on your burger to savagely hot buffalo style wings. All served up to a mix of jukebox beats and with drinks so good that orgasm may occur. You have been warned.

2013-09-08 16.10.36

2013-09-07 14.27.59

2013-09-08 14.52.02


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