Can you have too many holidays? How to travel more.

For the Three Little Pigs, travel is just way of life. We’re always on the look out for the next opportunity to get away somewhere, and we love having a trip to look forward to.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a weekend city break, or a week on a tropical island, or several months backpacking.  The opportunity to get away, see something new, and try different cuisines, is what really gets us super excited.

Recently, my boyfriend and I finally booked our January ski trip to Japan. Since my boyfriend’s excitable announcement on Facebook, the responses from our friends have ranged from, “sounds awesome” and “you lucky bastard”, to “you’re going away again?!” and a tongue-in-cheek (I hope), “you know all your friends hate you now”.

It would seem that I’ve built myself a bit of a reputation for being on holidays all the time!

I make it a priority to have at least one holiday abroad each year.  When others, particularly families, only get a chance to go overseas once in a blue moon, I count myself lucky that I am in a position to indulge in my passion for travel.

I am also relatively fortunate to live in Australia, where we get a decent four weeks of annual leave.  That’s either four separate week-long trips or one massive month-long trip!  When there are over 190 countries or sovereign states (including some that are so huge that they require more than one holiday to see), that’s a lot of holiday potential.  Not to mention, if you have hobbies like skiing and diving, as I do, then each country can be visited not only for its cultural aspects, but also its activities, natural beauty, city night life, history, and of course, the tastiness of its national cuisine.

bryce canyon

Even if you managed to narrow those 190 countries by half to get a list of those that you actually wanted to visit, you would still need to tick off, on average, one country each year to see them all.  If you were super efficient, you might even be able to bang out two or more neighbouring countries in one trip!

But travelling is not all about checking off a list of countries.  It’s about expanding your horizons and broadening your mind, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, or simply getting away from the monotony of your routine at home and doing something a bit different and just relaxing.

Based on this, it’s hard to argue that there can be such a thing as too many holidays!  The more holidays you have, the better you are for it.  Certainly, for those that have weeks and weeks of annual leave accrued, having not taken time off work in years, a holiday for you is long overdue.

Unless you’re a millionaire, having too many holidays is probably not a problem that any of us will realistically have. But if you would like to travel more, what do you do?  Here are some things that I’m always thinking about:

  • Don’t save your leave!  View each day of leave as an opportunity to see or do something new, even if it’s in your own country.
  • Reprioritise your usual spending for travel.  Cut back on big spending on clothes and shoes, electronic gadgets, and eating out.  Get in the practice of saving rather than buying stuff on credit.
  • Watch out for specials.  There is so much competition out there, trying desperately to part you with your money, so you will often find flight or accommodation bargains, particularly midweek.  Sign up for the newsletters and you will be among the first to find out about the good deals.
  • Stay in hostels.  You will sacrifice privacy, but you can get a bed for a fraction of the cost of a 3 or 4 star hotel room.  The money you save on accommodation, particularly if you’re travelling for a week or more, can pay for another holiday!
  • Plan the next holiday.  Once you come home from holidays, start planning the next one.  Throw some ideas around, do a load of research, and get excited.  Having a holiday to look forward to makes the countdown of all those days at work feel so much faster!

Look forward to seeing you at the departure lounge!


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