One year on and still married


This post is coming at you (thanks to the wonders of automatic scheduling) from Sicily, where the hubby and I are currently celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. Thank you, thank you, it’s been a tough ride, but we’ve made it. KIDDING. The toughest thing our marriage has been through this year is deciding where to eat.

It’s not completely smooth sailing all the time of course, but at the risk of sounding like a sappy, loved up little girl, here are five little things my better half has reinforced for me this year:

1. Real men cry

A lot.

Anthony and Christine get married

After a great night out, after a feel good movie, sometimes after a good advert. (But allegedly only when they’re happy.)

2. Real men never accept set backs

Second time unlucky, second time made redundant. What does he say when he tells me? “It’s fine babe, I’ve already been on the phone to people and got a few options lined up – truth be told it’s a bit of a relief.”

No wallowing, nuh-uh.

3. Real men do housework

Again, a lot. Especially when their wonton wives are busy working 80 hours weeks. In fact, real men LOVE vacuuming. Which is lucky, since I hate it so much.

4. Real men don’t mind being alone

Amsterdam, Russia, Mallorca, Lyon with the girls. Real men don’t restrict you to one girls trip a year.

5. Real men endorse your spending

Here’s my favourite phrase: “You should get it babe, you deserve to treat yourself.”

Yes, yes I do.

And you know what real women do? Let their real men be themselves.


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