Taking the good with the bad

I shaved my legs today for the first time in about 3 months. To be honest, I probably could have gone for another 3 months, but I was geting excited at all this warm Sydney weather we’d been having lately. It was finally time to rid myself of winter hairiness and prepare myself for summer!

You may think that my legs must have been verging on feral, but actually, I’m not very hairy. Fortunately, it’s one of the good things about being of Asian ethnicity (right up there with looking half your age). I don’t have very hairy arms or legs, and I listen on with a mixture of bemusement and relief when my girlfriends moan about having to wax their upper lips or shave their legs every other day.

On the flip side though, I have the shortest and thinnest eyelashes in the history of the world. I have absolutely no hope of gazing seductively at gorgeous men through lovely long, thick eyelashes, ever. I desperately long for the thick and lustrous locks on the front covers of Vogue. I am resigned to the fact that I will never achieve those gorgeous shapely eyebrows that are so in right now.

Life is full of compromises. As much as we would love to have everything go our way, sadly, it’s pretty damn difficult. What we can take comfort in is that there is usually a little bit of the good and a little bit of the bad, and you can’t take one without the other. Sometimes we can get hung up on all the weaknesses that we may have and forget the upsides.

Good v evil

For instance, I stacked on almost five kilos in my first six months of my new job. Working in a biscuit company has meant that I’ve been sneaking treats almost daily. Not a whole packet at a time, but even just a mere biscuit a day has led to this tipping of the scales. Sadly, I am one of these people that only has to glimpse at a cheesecake to put on weight. The good thing about putting on weight easily and quickly is that it drops off just as fast. As long as I’m strict with my portions, I see results within the first week, and it keeps falling off.

This contrasts with a good friend of mine, who has the opposite problem. She can feast and be reckless with her diet for months and not see any impact on her waistline. Wine, cheese, butter, and sweets, bring it on! But when it finally hits, and she wants to do something about it, the weight is stubborn and will not budge. It will take her just as long to lose the pounds as it took to gain it.

Mostly, we have absolutely no control over these situations and just have to accept it and live with it. I’m really bad with generating new, creative ideas, but I’m good at executing someone else’s ideas. I couldn’t run a marathon to save my life, but I can chase down a cupcake at full sprint.

Once we accept these things, then we are likely to stop being so hard on ourselves, especially when it’s stuff that we can’t change. We just have to live with it. I accept that I’m never going to have glamour eyelashes, nor will I have the luxury of being able to stuff my face without ramifications. I’m never going to be a flight attendant, nor complete an Ironman event. I’m OK with that. I’ll be hair-free.

* Image courtesy of maastricht-students


2 thoughts on “Taking the good with the bad

  1. I like it that you accept the way things are and not wallowing in what you don’t have. We always find happiness elsewhere. Or you can say that happiness comes from a positive attitude within 🙂

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