Making the most out of life in France, one glass of bubbles at a time

I have a couple of Australian girlfriends here in Paris who have helped me broaden my horizons. Their motto whilst living in this land of wine and cheese is simply this. A girl should drink champagne at every possible occasion.

Sound a little frivolous? It certainly did to me. I mean… champagne is a LUXURY, right? To be drunk only on VERY special occasions. Like births. And marriages. Maybe the occasional birthday. More frequent and that would be a… well, that would be what exactly? Too much??? A waste???

Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a closer look at our long-held beliefs, and we can find that they aren’t exactly serving us. On closer reflection, I actually realised that my former views on champagne were completely incogruent with one of my most important values, one that we share here at LLTO… making the most out of life.

I live in France. A bottle of champagne, lovingly hand-made by a small producer, bought at the cellar door and consumed in the home costs around 13€ (£15/$20). What’s not to love about that equation? I’ve spent far more on much less classier nights out! So whilst I’m in this fortunate situation, why not make the most of it?

And so, whilst it’s not something I want to get accustomed to drinking regularly (it is possible to have too much of a good thing!), champagne has been downgraded from a drink for VERY special occasions to a drink for special occasions… and occasionally “just because”! To be shared with friends to celebrate fun times, creating memories that will live on in years to come…

“Remember when your flight into Lyon for our girls’ weekend was running 2.5 hours late?”

“Yes… but the bottle of bubbles that was waiting to be cracked open when we arrived helped ease the pain!”



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