All made up with nowhere to go

Until recently, I was more of a “make-up for going out and special occasions” kind of gal. Sure, I’d pop mascara on day to day, but foundation? Way too fussy. Lipstick? Wouldn’t know the first thing about it. Define my eyebrows? Could you define “define” please?

I’ll admit, I was lazy. Too lazy to learn how to apply make-up properly, and frankly, I valued my sleep more than my looks. To be honest, I didn’t think my looks were that bad that I really needed make-up. I didn’t think it made that much of a difference.

Fast forward to last month: encouraged by my less-than-glowing pregnancy complexion to finally seek out a “light coverage” solution, I’ve started wearing make-up every day. 10 whole minutes of getting ready and sacrificed sleep. But the thing is: I look good. We’re talking significantly better than going bare faced. To the point where, at the end of the day as I wash my mask away, I look in the mirror and a little part of me sighs with disappointment.


Sadly, I no longer believe it doesn’t make much of a difference. It makes one helluva difference. Is that depressing? Maybe.

But what it boils down to is this: when I leave the house in the morning, face on, I leave with confidence. Sure, I wouldn’t feel down about myself, the person that I am, and everything that I have achieved in life without make-up on. In fact, I probably wouldn’t give it another thought once I’d left. But I feel GOOD. We’re talking REALLY GOOD. Sometimes I’ve done such a good job transforming myself from sleep deprived zombie to very important marketing person, I’m almost tempted to take a selfie (ok, not quite, but you get the drift). And when I pass a mirror during the day, I feel GREAT. I feel like a million bucks even if I’m just in jeans and an old t-shirt.

Is this a sign of things to come? A slippery slope towards botox and facelifts? I honestly don’t know. I can truthfully say I’m not interested in cosmetic surgery, but not so long ago, I wasn’t interested in cosmetics. Who knows what the future may hold, and the measures I might take to feel good?

All I know is this: I won’t be making snap judgements about anyone’s cosmetic choices. When something makes you feel happy about yourself and gives you the confidence to glide through the day – who can really judge you for making that choice?


One thought on “All made up with nowhere to go

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I know what you mean about leaving the house with confidence. I don’t really do make up (I also am lazy and like sleep) but if my crazy half straight/half curly very thick and long hair has been washed, dried and GHD straightened to perfection I walk into work feeling much more confident than on the days I don’t have time to do it…I think it’s a control thing…

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