Exciting changes are afoot

Sometimes things just don’t go according to our best laid plans. Despite all our best intentions, hard work (you know, blood, sweat, and tears!) and sacrifices that we’ve made, it seems that sometimes, shit happens.

In these tougher times, many companies around the world are restructuring and reassessing their operating strategies, my employer included. As a result, things are a bit grim at work, morale is down, and everyone is feeling just a tad nervous about their job and their future.

However, it’s also times like this that I take a step back, take it all in, and just think, a job is a job. I stare and fiddle with spreadsheets all day, but in the end, I’m not saving lives or changing the world. How great would it be to make a difference to the lives of others out there?

We think that we’re onto a good thing here at Laugh Lots, Travel Often, and we’re currently working on making it bigger and better than the humble little blog that you currently see here. We still won’t be saving lives or changing the world, but what we hope to achieve is to create something that will make a difference, whether big or small, to people out there, our readers. As a result, until our big relaunch, we will be posting once a week rather than our current frequency of three times a week, but please bear with us because it will be well worth it in the end!

In the meantime, you can catch up on some of our more popular posts where we tackle some of the big and pertinent questions of the day!

Coloured pencils

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