Guest post: where our six year long-distance relationship took us

Today’s guest post is from Tanny, an Aussie who just happened to end up in Arctic Greenland. 

Being in a long-distance international relationship can suck, simple as that. There is one cool benefit though: the chance to travel and meet up in new places!

The time difference, the midnight phone calls, not to mention just being APART. Being in an international long-distance relationship can drive you and everyone around you insane. My friends and family can attest to that. After living through 6 years of angst, I know they hope I don’t ever have to do it again.

I’m from Australia and he’s from Denmark, and we met while studying in China. It’s a pretty common story, since the explosion of international study exchanges. And after more than half a decade spending just as many years apart as we had living in the same country, we finally started our life ‘together’ in unexpected country (and continent) number four: Greenland.

It’s been a strange year, no doubt. Moving from the land of bikinis and sunshine to what is currently a dark and below freezing environment was something I hadn’t intended on doing this year. It’s been fun experiencing the nature: the icebergs, the northern lights, whale watching from my balcony and so on. All the better, with my other half. Still, at some point I realised that although it was excruciating then, the long-distance also gave me some incredible experiences and character-building strength. Life would have been very different if I hadn’t met him.

One of the offshoot benefits was that we had the chance to meet up in the most unexpected of places. These are a few:

Cambodia – Hong Kong – China

Technically, this was the first time we ever had to ‘reunite’. During the summer of 2007, I went off with two girlfriends on a hectic trip through Vietnam and Cambodia. So that we could spend some of the summer together, J met us in Cambodia.


Southern Spain

An Aussie friend and I travelled to Morocco and then hitchhiked our way to Southern Spain. There, we met up with J, who flew from Denmark to Malaga. The old mountainous town of Benal Madena was our base, since his grandma lives there. Granada, Seville, cosy warm evenings in tapas bars…heaven.


China – Tibet

After a couple of months apart, imagine trying to spend some quality time with your partner while he is working as a tour guide with 15 other tourists (including his parents)! J’s parents and I had jumped on board his tour around China. The highlight was taking a 2-day train ride from Beijing to Tibet, a place that has amazing stark nature and a unique culture.

A romantic reunion with 15 other people

A romantic reunion with 15 other people

Canada – USA

I was in Canada and USA for work, and Jonas met up with me halfway through the trip. He entertained himself while I was working during the day. There was time to play, too. We had some time to eat some incredible food, see Toronto, Niagara Falls, and the diverse architecture of Chicago.


Have I convinced you that there are some benefits to having a long-distance relationship?

Follow Tanny’s ponderings about life and all of its quirks at or catch her on twitter @fourthcontinent.


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