Laugh Lots, Travel Often is the brainchild of three Australian women who are passionate about food, travel and fun. Once flatmates, always friends, we believe that life is what you make of it and the people you meet on your journey are what make it worth the ride. Now living in three different countries, we still share our passions, trials and successes. Join us on our adventures as we contemplate life, love, and what to have for dinner…

Want to get in touch?  Email us at laughlotstraveloften@gmail.com, or find/follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Christine - Perfectly Random Christine

Award winning procrastinator of flight booking, Christine has called London home for the last 4 years. Having spent over 3 years on the road and visited 56 countries, her love of travel is only matched by her passion for food. In her spare time, Christine works as a full-time Communications & Marketing Manager, with more than 12 years experience in the industry ranging from food to hair care. In 2013, Christine is planning to watch her little brother get married in Oz, set Russia ablaze on a girls trip, dive Jamaica, put it all on black in Vegas (again), and eat her bodyweight in noodles…

Ev - TheRationalOptimistEv

Ev is a feisty and independent free spirit who calls Sydney home. She tends to prefer expensive hobbies such as scuba diving, skiing and motorcycling, but at the same time, loves nothing more than to settle down for hours with the Saturday paper and cups of Earl Grey tea.  She has visited over 44 countries and is always dreaming of her next adventure.  Her day job in Commercial Finance funds the travel and eating adventures.  In 2013, Ev is planning to ski Canada and dive the Philippines, do some more motorcycle weekends, launch a new venture, cook and entertain at home more, and keep planning new adventures…

Cheryl-Lee - PetiteFolle


A Londoner at heart, Cheryl-Lee followed her childhood dream across the Channel a little over a year ago, and now finds herself fighting to stay afloat in the sea of wine, cheese and pessimism that is Paris. A self-professed student of the world with 40+ countries ticked off (and many more to come), Cheryl-Lee loves nothing more than taking career breaks to indulge her passion for travelling. In 2013, Cheryl-Lee is hoping to juggle a London/Paris time-share arrangement, rehabilitate herself into the world of work and live life just as it comes (with a few adventures along the way, of course!)…

To find out how we got our nicknames click here.


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